Put Yourself First
Put Yourself First 1

Who do you really work for? And here I don’t mean which employer your work for. Have you ever realised, every minute of the day we are working for others. We are either working for our employers to make them happy and follow what they say,  or our parents, our...

How to create a magical life?
How to create a magical life? 5

Hi, Have you ever wondered what makes our life truly magical, what are those magic moments that can give us the sense of exultation or jubilation, what makes us really really happy, gives us pleasure to the core. I am blessed as I am able to create truly magical moments...

Are you productive or efficient?
Are you productive or efficient? 9

Are you productive or efficient?Productivity is a mantra which is preached through all sectors of today’s enterprise. With so much emphasis on being productive, you are encouraged to live, breath and practice productivity. It is always encouraging to assess your performance in terms of the calls you attended, emails your responded...