Let me create a business for you that just works – Duplicate


I have dedicated last 10 years of my life, trying to figure out what makes business works and my quest to create that perfect business has made me create.

What if there was an Sure-Fire Formula for business success, certain to succeed.

I have identified over an almost exhaustive list of factors that, there are over 200 major factors and 1,000 sub-factors which make a business successful. We first painstakingly identified those factors and no book or eduction in the world gives you a comprehensive list of things that works or doesn’t work for that matter. and then we fine- tuned, tweaked and optimised them for success.

What if we analysed, scrutinised and dissected the reasons for failure.

2 turned conventional wisdom of doing business on its head. 

What if we redesigned business back to front?

Let’s avoid business failure!

Imagine if we took over a 1,000 elements of business failure.

What if we redesigned, reengineered, remodelled the entire business tramework back to front, with the end on mind with the ability to sense danger, and predict vulnerability.

From conventional ways to intelligent risk free methods.

This is Business defined – Business RE.

We have reversed the risk by eliminating hope and injecting surety.

So the businesses we create come with following as standard.
  • Stress Free
  • Abundant Income
  • Regular Recurring Revenue
  • Designed around your lifestyle
  • Truly Global
  • High Net Cashflow
  • In Built Performance
  • HyperGrowth adaptability
  • Freedom, liberty, flexibility work anytime
  • Mobility to work from anywhere built it
  • Highly Scalable [can run locally and expand globally]
  • Low cost of management [can be run by one person]
  • Recession proof
  • Profitability with good margins
  • Low cost of running, run from anywhere in the world
  • Optimised for Productivity and Efficiency [20 hours or work will reveal better results than 60 hours of work]
Highly Customised

Personality Based

Make you more magnetic to the type of clients your like

Repells the clients you would not like

Risk Reversal Techniques Used to avoid failure in business

Developing an excellent product, finding the market that can genuinely benefit from it, then sending the right marketing message to those people at the right time.

Creating the right product for your market [the silver bullet]

Product development

This is one of our special modules. One of the reason businesses fail is because of lack of something truly amazing to sell. We, with your help, create something truly amazing to offer your community and your customers you will intuitively and immediately know exactly how to go about selling it. You will have instant focus and almost instant.

Marketing Positioning

Power Positioning of your product in the market

Client Acquiring System and Marketing Engine
No selling Involved

Leads Nurturing

Leads Harnessing

Systems that self-qualify the prospects and convert them into leads

People coming to you with their request to purchase not you begging to sell

Ready Campaigns:

Low Hanging Fruit: To attract people who know you , aware of the solution you have and are highly likely to have a degree of interest in it

Mid-Level : To attract people who dont know you,

Cold Campaigns


Cash Machine Campaigns

Queue Up marketing, we use techniques where people are getting the most important way we can

Asset Creation
These are assets that will help you in sales and generate you money

Video Sales Framework & Creation

Whitepapers and Lead Magnets

Blogs with helpful articles

Pull In Marketing Setup

We seed the ground and prepare your potential buyers with your perfect messaging, so they get drawn towards you.

Webinar Framework
Email List Building
Professional Photography
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Messaging Marketing

The marketing messages will be designed to be attract, indoctrinate and qualify the right people, it will be designed to put the right message, of your well designed product in front of the right eye balls at the perfect time.


We will be using technology to deliver the right marketing message, about your excellent product, to the right market at the right time.

Email Marketing Platform
Social Media Marketing Platform
Customer Relationship Management Platform
A self run business

Auto invoicing

Sales Automation

Support Automation

Workflow Automation

Marketing Automation

Training you to run your business

We dont only setup the business for you, but we also train you to be very proficient in running your business, you will know all we know.

  • How to run, manage and grow your business
  • How to negotiate
  • How to close clients, as making clients, aware and indoctracting the clients will be done through automated
  • How to handle technology
  • How to run your entire operation end to end

All you will need to do, is just push the button for all systems go. Just push the button to start making money.

We will be doing everything for you, all you will have to do is just press the button and its done.

Stages of your business creation:

1. Design, creation and…

  • Knowing you as an individual, your strengths,
  • What product or service we can offer to the market that is congruent to your strengths, expertise, experience
  • Knowing what we can be offered to the markets by researching the markets

2. Constructing the business

3. Implementing the business

4. Product building , product packaging

We would like to think, we have not left a single stone unturned. We have created the most sophisticated business creation framework ever.

To Implement the business for you as described above, our framework required over 5,000 highly optimised tasks to be completed.


All above will be DONE FOR YOU.
The Handover and Aftercare

We do the perfect handover for you to launch the business and go to market.

However, we don’t leave you just yet, we let you take control and we are sitting beside you until you take control.

This is not a franchise we create the business for you and you get to keep 100% of it, with no fall backs or ties or contracts, we will only remain in the background should you ever need us.


Designed all of this with No Overwhelm: a lack of a set of concrete goals, and the absence of a simpler yet effective plan to get there. But you will have a concrete set of simple goals and a simple plan to get there, this will give you focus and focus is the cure for overwhelm. 

Business created so far for our clients

IT Support & Systems Company

IT Support Training & Recruitment

Testing and Quality Assurance Consultancy

PR, Public Relations Agency to build brand image for celebrities

Accountancy practice

Prime Property Investment Company

Nurse placement and consulting service

Website and Domain Registration Portal, just like GoDaddy.com

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